I want to speak to that part of you that is shy. That part of you that hides away from the publics eye because you have been shown over and over again that your being normal doesn't seem to fit into the paradigm in which the world lives in. A world where everyone looks the same. A world where au...

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Coming Home.....
We are nearing the doorway to our inner landscape in just under a week.
I can feel the call enticing me already to internalise myself from the world.
This time of the year is about coming home.
Feeling into the depth of our stirrings and allowing for the summer movement that was ...

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We are heading into a new era. A time where how things once were just don't seem to fit anymore. The space between what was and what is now has changed. We have more awareness of ourselves and our sense of who we are in the world, or not! Hairdressing has always been an intimate tool of holding s...

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A magical haircut takes more than just an operator, a comb and pair of scissors. It takes more than just being an artist. It takes more than just years of experience cutting hair. It takes deep connection with the person that you are sitting with. It takes being curious enough to want to listen a...

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Ever see a woman glowing? And wondered what she was doing to glow that brightly? I would bet that this woman had a strong inner practise of self care. The glow doesn't come from just a beauty product, it comes from how one nurtures and balances all aspects of themselves. Inner glow is a product...

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Most people that have been subjected to changing their appearance have never really taken any time to consider, from where this sudden urge to change has come from. Transformation for centuries has been occurring without much notice from where this transition has eventuated from. What is its driv...

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Ever wonder who it is that you really are?
Ever wonder what it is that your inner landscape is trying to tell you?
Guiding you into a place that is unclear and uncertain to you.
Hair Therapy by M has created an opportunity to connect with M herself on line anywhere in the world to help you gai...

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Hair Therapy by M online 20% off 1 hr till 30th Oct

Sep 19, 2018 – Oct 30, 2018

Hair Therapy by M's most important ingredient process is now becoming available online. The potent content that enables any person to access their true reflection in the world is available by Skype call. This will enable you the opportunity to realign your inner and outer landscapes leaving you i...

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Services at House of M

  • 3 hour Transformation Package

    These deep explorative session helps you unpack all the parts of you that are fragmented and don't make any sense. It is portioned into three phases. Phase One: The unpack Phase two: Mirror reflective art therapy transformation. Phase Three: The ritual/ Celebration of the integrated self
  • 2 Hour realignment Package

    This is for people that have been through the full experience and are wanting to align their truth along their journey. It includes, 20 min unpack. 1.10min mirror art therapy transformation. This service also includes a Hair Transformation and alignment ritual to end.
  • 1.5hr Alignment Package.

    For people that know where they are going and who they are in the world and just want that little tweek. This session includes a 10 min check in and 1.20min Hair Transformation
  • 1 Hour Shapeshift

    This is for those in between needs with your reflection. Where the shape of your haircut just isn't aligning completely with your internal landscape and needs a little tweek.
  • On Line Re alignments

    Can't get to House of M? Then this one hour on line session is for you. It will help you go through the internal and external landscapes with M personally and get you back on track with your authentic self.
  • 1 Hour Therapy Sessions with M

    A unique blend of Transpersonal Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Breath, Mirror Art Therapy, Dance, Ritual practises all created uniquely for you. This one hour session is an opportunity to experience yourself in a way with modalities that will enable the entirety of yourself to come to life.
  • Initiation Ritual

    This intensive ritual is a planned ceremony for those that are going through a major transformation in their life and wish to enter it with mindfulness and grace. Coming into an archetype especially ones such as the King or Queen, need to be formally met and greeted in the transformation and integration process of both the external and internal landscapes meeting. This process is planned with every detail from, clothing, scents, food, objects and the process of mirror art therapy, therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, past life, re-alignment and integration of all bodies from mind to spirit to make sure that stepping into the new empowered version of you, is done so with ease, truth and grace.

Products for sale at House of M

  • Morrocon Oil Shampoos and conditioners

    These specialised products created for curly hair are bound to leave you with hair that is glossy and sensuous.
  • Evo Organic

    A range of shampoos and Conditioners for fine hair that enable natural volume to fine delicate hair to come alive again.
  • Himalayan Mud Mask

    This natural product straight form the Himalayan Mountains, leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean
  • Rich Herb Balm

    This deep rich skin balm leaves your skin nourished and revitalised, made from organic herbs locally in the Northern Rivers
  • T by M

    Organic herb blends created by M herself. helping with sleeplessness, dreamtime, anxiety, irritable tummy, low energy and more. 100grams,250gram jars available online purchase, or at the Temple
  • Queen: Oil by M

    Organic body oils created by M herself. These oils are designed to invoke the richness of every woman back to life.The Oils are created from organic foundations and high quality Dottera essential oils. A woman comes from the inside out. When she comes out it is because her skin has been loved back to life. Caring for our skin is a birth right. It has been apart of the Egyptian philosophy for centuries, and still carries its strength in todays world. These oils have been created to bring your spirit back to life. Feeling the lusciousness of your woman enables you to engage in life with your total fullness.

Transformational Retreats

  • Short Term Retreats at House of M

    If you feel that you need more attention than just a three hour session with M, this package allows you to drop in and stay at the Lush womens temple. This space is completely created for women only and allows for the freedom of exploration of the self to happen in lush beautiful, safe environment. There are packages for 1 or 2 weeks with daily sessions with M herself. To drop in and completely transform into that woman you know yourself to be, COME ALIVE....
  • Juicy Woman Retreats.

    This 6 night 7 day intensive womens retreat takes you on a journey into the layers of your body that sum up the personal intimacy barometer. Working our way daily through 6 bodies, The witness, The senses, The emotions, The sexual energy, The mental, The spiritual. Understanding these layers that exist within us and their communication language, enables us to journey through life with more clarity and `avoidant unnecessary distraction.

Transformative Hair Therapy Ritual

Stepping into the luscious House of M, all senses are awakened by the sensual space.
The journey begins with a tea ceremony, where Mariana uses her tools of transpersonal counselling, hypnotherapy and breath, to unpack your unfound truth and new intentions. 
The transformation is then actioned into awareness, as your hair is cut and/or coloured and you engage on a journey of reflective mirror and art therapy work. 
Once the old is released with a wash, massage and reiki session, we observe your mirror's manifestations and dry the hair calling for the new in you, to come to life.
A final ritual celebrates, in joy and lightness.  

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