Posted on Dec 10, 2018

Hair Therapy by M

We are heading into a new era. A time where how things once were just don't seem to fit anymore. The space between what was and what is now has changed. We have more awareness of ourselves and our sense of who we are in the world, or not! Hairdressing has always been an intimate tool of holding space for people to find themselves, without the awareness. We have been shape shifters, healers, councillors, therapists and more, to people than we have the written capacity to hold. Non the less people have been coming to us for more than just their hair, for decades. Imagine becoming qualified to be that therapist and really make a difference in each persons life you touch? Imagine becoming a Transformational Therapist, and being able to have a bag of tools that are beyond your normal standard bag of tricks? Imagine knowing what your gifts are that you bring to the work space that enables the richness of transformation to occur. Yes your an artist, but are you a Shapeshifter? Are you aware of the possibility to help transform people in a single session, reflecting their complete authenticity? This Summer stay tuned for the Transformational Therapy course for hairdressers that is coming out to help hairdressers take their space holding to a whole qualified other level. Fo enquiries please call the number on the page. M
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