Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Hair Therapy by M

A magical haircut takes more than just an operator, a comb and pair of scissors. It takes more than just being an artist. It takes more than just years of experience cutting hair. It takes deep connection with the person that you are sitting with. It takes being curious enough to want to listen and feel their story. It takes having the presence to meet the person that is sitting with you without judgment or agenda. It's about resonance, allowing them to find their own truth of who they are in the world and how they want to show up, and being the translator of the information they relay. Resonance is the first point of connection. Communication is exchanged by feeling and sensing each other. Then the real magic of shapeshifting can occur. Hair Therapy with M, isn't just a hair cut, its a transformation. A shapeshifting experience into your reflective truth. It is the bridge process between the inner and outer landscapes that really allows for the magic of your reflection to shine brighter than anybody else. As we know, its not what you have had done, its how good you feel in the inside. Being able to carry your reflective truth in the world takes time, resonance, magic and presence. They are the ingredients that make Hair Therapy so unique. So if you are feeling the stirrings of change approach, and want to go deeper, Hair Therapy by M, is the process that will take you there. Make that call. Take that step, to meet the coming new year with your total truth...
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