Posted on May 8, 2019

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Coming Home.....
We are nearing the doorway to our inner landscape in just under a week.
I can feel the call enticing me already to internalise myself from the world.
This time of the year is about coming home.
Feeling into the depth of our stirrings and allowing for the summer movement that was created to settle into our bones.
Enabling the new codes that have been received to start embarking on their embodiment journey deep within our core.
In this very delicate time of entering into the darkness of winter, there needs to be a little preparation that takes place for our external world to be settled enough that it enables us to drop into our inner world.
Our homes need to be in order.
It is reflective of the time we are entering.
Preparing the nest to enable the internal nest within to be able to drop into the depths off the unpack that awaits our discovery expanded embodiment.
In the times of high celebratory summer, have you stopped and taken note of who it is that you have become?
Have you given yourself the time to drop into the newness that has been cultivated over this time and allowed for that to inspire change?
Are you looking in the mirror of the change that has taken place?
Or are you witnessing the old you in a new body?
So much has changed over the last few months, and change is an inevitable existence that occurs over and over in our whole life span.
There is no denying change and meeting it with grace is the only way forward... Are you ready?
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