Posted on May 30, 2019

Hair Therapy by M

I want to speak to that part of you that is shy. That part of you that hides away from the publics eye because you have been shown over and over again that your being normal doesn't seem to fit into the paradigm in which the world lives in. A world where everyone looks the same. A world where authenticity isn't celebrated, but debated. I want to speak to that person inside of you that is screaming to come out! That person that sees differently from all the other crowds and is just too trapped to come out to play. Have you ever wondered if you had the courage to just simply be yourself how that would inform and change the rest of your life? Have you wondered how much easier your life would be if you just allowed yourself to simply be? Coming out of the shadows is a difficult thing to do, initially. Being in a fake version of you is a slow dying. A life that really isn't yours. Pretending to just flow with the motions to survive is not the call that you are really here to live. I am calling to that part of that wants to come out, but doesn't know how. I am calling to that part of you that knows it's time, but doesn't know where to begin. So let's go. Let's meet up in a place where all that is you is welcome. Let's unite the ingredients that make you, and bring them all together to make you whole. Celebrating the Real Version of YOU...
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