Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Hair Therapy by M

Most people that have been subjected to changing their appearance have never really taken any time to consider, from where this sudden urge to change has come from. Transformation for centuries has been occurring without much notice from where this transition has eventuated from. What is its driving force and purpose?
Coming into a place of curiosity about this on going shifting that happens to us as developmental humans, is something that has been placed within our internal time clock to pay attention to. It is a time of great change. You can choose to meet this with great excitement or choose to remain in fear of the unknown that is about to eventuate. Either way it needs to be met, its inevitable.
Meeting this opportunity with great curiosity is a means to the doorway of transformation without any contraction coming along for the ride.
Taking the time to meet what your internal landscape is alerting you to shift, takes space and time to understand. Its not as simple as, "lets have a haircut, what do you think?"
its more about "I'm feeling something is wanting to come through me, and I keep getting these images of me looking like this and I don't understand how to meet this sensation and vision I keep experiencing".
Chances are you are going through an Archetypal change/shift and need some guidance in understanding and embodying this new frequency that is awaiting you to step into.
Chances are you need a Hair Therapy session to guide you into the transformation.
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